Home Camera System Setup

Have a digital vision and keep an eye on everything from anywhere!
Security Cameras are essential for safety purpose and we are here to offer all sorts of security and CCTV camera installation and make your premises safer and secure.
We will design and install the most effective camera surveillance system for your home which will get you remote monitoring and access control over what’s going on around your home.

Our Services Includes

  • Dome and Bullet Cameras setup (with night vision quality)
  • Array Cameras Setup
  • Network IP Security Cameras Setup
  • HD IP Cameras Setup
  • Digital Video Recorders DVRs Setup
  • Complete Security Camera System
  • Remote Viewing Setup
  • Live demonstration
  • Backup Service
  • Troubleshooting and fixing Camera issues.
  • Camera wiring installation

These services come with the highlighted customizations which you can make for configuring your cameras, with assistance and support of the features provided i.e. motion detection setup, account settings, alerts and audio recording setup. We also take care of Camera placement consultation, mounting cameras supplied by you, running cables, remote viewing support of your camera system applications.

We are here to support your Home Camera System security needs with the quality products and services every step of the way.

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Smart Home Devices Setup

Get seamless control over all the devices around your house with home automation!
Technology is catching up, becoming more integrated, making Home automation is the next step towards the interconnected world. With smart homes, everything around your house can be controlled with a simple voice command or a touch on the screen. And the key component of this home automation is called IoT (The Internet of the Things).
Smart devices may make your life easier but installing and configuring them into your house is a tricky business and need to be done professionally. Make your home feel more safe, secure and efficient with our smart home services and bring your home to life!

• Installation of Home security device
• Smart Lighting Setup
• Wi-Fi Setup and Support
• Networked Audio Hub and Smart Hub Setup
• Smart Switch Setup
• Voice Control Setup
• Smart door lock and doorbell setup
• Smoke Alarm Setup

Furthermore, we also provide smart floodlight and thermostat installation. From controlling the temperature of your home to playing the music of your choice, the control of every aspect of your home is at the touch of your fingertips, including the appliances you use.

Let us help make your home tech-savvy. Contact us today at contact@westerndesignstudio.com

Streaming Video Device Setup

Sit back and enjoy streaming movies with ease!
Having trouble while setting up your streaming device? Facing internet issue while connecting the streaming devices? We are to solve your streaming device issues and help you setup and install any of the streaming device, be it Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, or Roku.
Our Team will install, configure the video devices and take care of everything you need to stream your favourite movies or TV shows smoothly. With that, our expert will guide you through the basic functionality of the streaming devices installed.

Our Services Includes

  • Setting up and troubleshooting Set-up box

  • Connection of streaming device to your TV or receiver
  • Running through the initial setup
  • Connecting the device to the Internet and performing initial set up
  • Downloading, Installing and setting-up your required streaming video applications
  • Configuring the streaming gadget to TV or receiver
  • Demonstrating full streaming device functionality and guiding you through it.

While availing our services, please verify the availability of video input on your TV or receiver for your new streaming device. After the installation and setup, you will also be provided assistance on how to set-up your preferred streaming services i.e. Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Video etc.

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TV and Home Theatre Support

Troubleshoot your TV & Home Theatre issues and enjoy stellar experience with our support services.
Get direct assistance and optimized support, with the speakers and sub-woofers rightly linked to the TV in order to get the optimum sound and video quality at your place. In order to make sure your movie night is not disrupted by any issue, we take everything into consideration.

Our Services Includes

  • TV and Home Theatre Installation
  • Updating Software and Application
  • Factory Date reset and Backups when required
  • Troubleshooting any TV or Home Theatre issues
  • Setup of surrounding sound speakers
  • Installation and setup of SONOS speakers
  • Hardwiring internet connection to the TV
  • Wireless headphones installation
  • Gadgets / other devices installation
  • Calibration of system
  • Projector screens installation
  • One-On-One support of our expert

Along with that, we also take care of structural modification, supply right audio-visual components and provide assistance or training on how to use the home theatre system. Whatever you need, we are happy to assist you with professional TV and Home Theatre Support Services.
Give us a call today on +1-626-586-0108 for your tv and home theatre installation and get the setup done in no time!!

TV Mounting

Get your TV installed securely, just the way you want it!
Experience refined view of your TV with your TV mounted at the best spot, the right height and angle, tidily with full cable concealment. No matter what your wall is made of, wood, brick, plaster, drywall or even concrete, we will get the mounting done in no time and connect the external devices.

• Assembling parts, of both new and old unit, provided by either the manufacturer or you.
• Installing and securing TV mounting brackets of wall studs.
• Tilting or swivelling mount according to requirement.
• Load testing the hardware.
• Mounting of TV.
• Connecting all necessary video and audio components.
• Configure any associated peripheral devices with TV.
• Both in-wall and cord concealment.
• Wire moulding.

TVs are expensive and delicate. We can safeguard both your investment in the TV and the wall, by properly mounting your TV to help provide you the best viewing experience. Our team also provide dismounting service (if needed). Duration of finishing the mounting task depends on the material of the wall and the complexity of the location but even then, our technicians will finish the job in no time.
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