Mobile and PC Setup

Unsure about the way to setup a PC, Laptop or Mobile? We are here to sort that out!
We provide complete Mobile and PC setup solution to help personalize and optimize your devices as per your requirements. Whether it is installing programmes, applications and even equipment or transferring them from any other device, we have got it all covered. Along with PC, you will also get setup support for other devices i.e. printer, scanner, external hard drive and others.

Our Services Includes

  • Setting up, installing and configuring PC / Laptop
  • Performing system updates
  • Removing unwanted programs
  • Installing peripheral devices
  • Setting up user accounts and user profiles
  • Testing hardware and software functionality
  • Syncing PC / Laptop with other devices
  • Optimizing device / system start up
  • Set up of user email account
  • Performing initial setup and connecting device / system to the internet

Along with that, our tech expert will help and take you through the PC or Device and demonstrate how to find and install new applications or get connected to wireless network. We will also provide guidance on how to maximize the battery life of your device.

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Backup and Recovery

Minimize the risk of data damage with Backup and Recovery Services!
Data is essential, whether it is client data and records or any other files. But the risk of losing data is always involved, whether it is due to server crash, system failure or your own mistake, data loss can cause a lot of damage. And to prevent that from happening, you need Backup and Recovery Services, like us.

● Monitoring and managing storage and backup
● Testing and validating Backup
● Disaster recovery and continuity in case of server failure
● Planning capacity of system
● Administrating, securing and consolidating storage
● Consultation for disaster and replication
● End-to-End Encryption, Compliance and Data Retention
● Planning Business Continuity
● Ransomware / Cyber Crime Protection
● Cloud-Based Backup and Hybrid Backup

Your security is our top priority. Therefore, we will prepare you for the unexpected with our Data and Recovery Services, to provide you the peace of mind. From storage, testing and monitoring to taking care of failovers, we have got it all covered. Our tech expert will also ensure server security and guide you through the ways to backup specific files, applications or your entire windows server.

Contact us today at contact@westerndesignstudio.comfor efficient and effective services and safeguard your system.

PC Tune Up

Get your PC Optimized and Boost Up its Speed with effective Tune Up!
With time, every PC gets slower due to huge accumulated data and unwanted softwares on the PC. This takes up huge space, affects the speed and functions, and causes problems when you try to access data from the PC. We understand that deterioration in speed can be frustrating and that’s why we are here to solve your problem! We will help you add life to your PC by removing all the infected programs, which will increase the productivity of your computer system.

Our Services Includes

  • Startup and shutdown optimization

  • Operating system updation
  • Windows updates installation
  • Thorough Cleanup quick launch and taskbar
  • System Defragmentation
  • Hard drives optimization
  • Unwanted programs and trialware removal
  • Speed and performance boost-up of your computer

  • Physical hardware cleanup

We will detect your PC’s weaknesses and accelerate it accordingly. Furthermore, we will also fix the drivers issues (if needed) by checking if they are working correctly in accordance to the hardware. With the right software installed, you will also be able to monitor your PC’s performance and get the constant reports.
Call us today at +1-626-586-0108 to get your PC running like a new one, without any glitches or disruptions!

Virus Removal and Protection

Get your PC or Laptop secured with prompt protection services!
Are you facing problems such as system crashing and automatically rebooting, hard drives not booting, data taking up a lot of time to transfer or random windows popping up on your screen? These are some of the signs Virus Infections, which needs to be dealt with because it can corrupt the data of your system. Some other signs of Virus attack are installed applications crashing or disappearing, unexpected sounds from music players / speakers or problem in running or uninstalling anti-virus program. But don’t worry, we are here to your rescue.
We will take care of any kind of virus that is disrupting your PC’s functionality and productivity and make your PC secure and protected!

Our Services Includes

  • Detect and Remove Virus

  • Remove Malware

  • Eliminate Spyware and Trojans
  • Remove Bogus Antivirus and update the new one
  • Install and apply security updates on operating system
  • Cleaning System Registry

We will also take care of any worms, adware or spams affecting your PC. To avoid future attacks, we recommend and offer multi-layered protection. Our services can be availed remotely.

Don’t wait for the PC to get fully corrupted. Contact us today at +1-626-586-0108 to safeguard your PC!

WIFI and Router Setup

Get your WiFi Router setup and installed by a vetted professional!
A good WiFi connection is what most of the things are dependent on. But if you are unaware about the way to setup a wireless network and router, then seek for a reliable service provider, like us. We will help you set up your wifi router, system network, wireless network and fix any issues related to the internet connectivity.

  • Router configuration and security
  • Secure network creation
  • Setup coordination as per preference
  • Ports and Network Cables connection
  • Peripheral device connection to the network i.e printers and media devices
  • All connected devices or equipment configuration (if not working properly)
  • Network share location
  • Wireless connections installation and configuration
  • ADSL2+ , cable and modem setup and installation.
  • WiFi settings guidance
  • Boost up WiFi Speed
  • Existing network integration

Along with handling DNS information (with IP address) and WPA encryption service to ensure network safety, our tech expert will guide you through the overall functionalities of WiFi settings and with complete configuration, will also be providing installation disk. We will customize your Wifi Connection in accordance to your needs to make your internet work optimally.
Contact us today at to build and setup a secure Wifi connection.